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HTC TyTN / DOPOD 838Pro – My next wishlist

I have been waiting and waiting for the launching of the HTC Hermes (photo below) :

but am I happy to hear the announcement that HTC launched their version of the Hermes on 16 June 06 in London. Imagined, it was launched at the Hospital in London. No, this is not your everyday hospital but a very prestigious members club. Dopod will soon release their own version of the TyTN.

HTC named it TyTN (speak Titan). It is a 3G Windows Mobile PDA. Look at the photo below – it is really beautiful! It is almost the same size as my Dopod 818 Pro.

… and with the keyboard slide out.

Can you notice the difference between the TyTN and the original HERMES. O2 launched a similar model which is called the XDA TRION. The Xda Trion looks more like the Hermes but I prefer the TyTN design.

After going through the specs, my only complaint is that it does not has GPS connection. The only model that has it all is the Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 830 (below).

Guess it is time to replace my ‘old’ Dopod 818 Pro!

(photos from Msmobiles)